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History of the School Site

My thanks to those who have helped to contribute to our knowledge.

Francis Redfern "History and Antiquities of Uttoxeter", 1865, page 225-6, states: "I do not find any one of the name of Oldfield as either owners or occupiers of property in Uttoxeter in 1775, but in the first half of the previous century a Humphrey Oldfield had a little land, and an Edward Oldfield was the owner of about 23 acres of land in the parish, and I have no doubt Oldfields, a villa residence near the town, on the site of which a fine mansion now supercedes the old one, took its name from that family who were doubtless owners of the place ..."

On the Ordnance Survey map of Uttoxeter 1836 there is no mention of the house. The road from Uttoxeter to Bramshall is shown, with Mount Pleasant marked approximately where the hall now stands, and The Old Field is marked on the other side of the road (where Oldfields Sports Ground is now). Thanks to Alan Smith (formerly a school governor) for this information.

Staffordshire Past Track website states "The building dates from the late 1700s, and was originally called Oldfields House. In the nineteenth century it became Martha Bennett's school, before being bought by Charles Ford as a house. John Bamford was the next owner of Oldfields, and after carrying out alterations to the property he renamed it 'Oldfields Hall'."

The trade directories and census returns show Joseph Bladon lived in Oldfields House in 1851 and 1861. Joseph's family were woolstaplers and he was listed as a gentleman.

In 1871 a Mrs Bill lived in Oldfields House as a private resident.

In 1891, Mr Charles Ford from London lived in "Oldfields". He was a china manufacturer. He was listed in the trade directories for 1892.

In 1901, John Bamford, agricultural engineer, was living in the hall. He is recorded in the trade directories there in 1912.

Thanks very much to Maxine Walker for this information.

The Bamford family placed the heraldic crest and latin inscription ("Dum Rectus Securus") on the side of the House. This appears on several other local houses which have connections with the Bamfords.

Henry John Bamford (1891 - 1947) was John Bamford's eldest son. He lived at Oldfields Hall, married Dorothy Wood and had six children. His wife died shortly after giving birth to twins in 1936 and the children were brought up with a nanny.

(Source - "A Staffordshire Family" complied by Marion Bamford - October 1978 - lent to me by Patricia Sandy).

By the mid 1950s the children had grown up and had no need of the large house and grounds. The family decided to sell the house and grounds to Staffordshire County Council, and it was opened as Oldfields Hall Secondary Modern School for Girls in 1959 after a classroom block, laboratory, practical rooms, a kitchen, canteen and school hall were added.

The first headteacher was Miss Hilda Stonehouse. She left a large collection of books to the school: these were sold and enough money was raised to build the school library block. It is called the Stonehouse Memorial Library and a photograph of Miss Stonehouse is in the library today.

Mrs Jacqueline Dunkerley was the next headteacher. She superintended the local reorganisation to the Middle School system which took place in 1974, when the school became a 9-13 Middle School.

Subsequent headteachers were Peter Allen-Jones (arrived in January 1980), Brian Skipper (who died while still in post in 1992), and the current headteacher, Nick Brown.

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